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==Commonly Reported Baxter Issues==
==Commonly Reported Baxter Issues==
=Trouble enabling robot=
Trouble enabling robot
=Arms are pulling in Zero-G mode=
Arms are pulling in Zero-G mode
=Network configuration issues=
=Network configuration issues=

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The purpose of this section is to provide some tools for you to use in figuring out what is going on when things aren't working the way you expect with Baxter.

In almost every case, an issue that one is experiencing with Baxter will fall within one of the three below categories, but it is not always easy to determine this from the symptoms the robot is displaying.

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networking

(Occasionally the issue may just be user error!)

To troubleshoot an issue you are having, start with the debugging strategies section below.

Debugging Strategies

Debugging Strategies

Accessing Baxter's logs

FTP Log Files

Commonly Reported Baxter Issues

Trouble enabling robot Arms are pulling in Zero-G mode

Network configuration issues


How To