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Although I didn't understand what I was seeing, I became obsessed with it. I would try absorbing everything I could, and drawing what I saw in a notebook. Pretty soon, I observed that this particular kind of artwork appeared throughout the city. We like to talk trash to each other. San Diego runs one of the most vicious 3 4 defensive packages in the NFL. What allows this formation to dominate opposing offenses is a combination of pass rushing defensive ends and incredibly versatile linebackers.

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David Foster Wallace, This Is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate LifeAtheism is a completely legitimate Jewish theological positionAnd expressing your Judaism consistent with your atheism should be encouraged because encouraging people to say words they don believe is to encourage people to lie, and it is demeaning. I have a friend who has what I think are panic attacks when she thinks about hell. She sweats, she tells me her chest hurts extremely bad, she feels dizzy and gets a headache.

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