Navigator Lights and Buttons

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Navigator Component IDs

head_navigator, right_navigator

Navigator Input Buttons

Read Button States



The states of the push buttons are the values in the boolean buttons[] array. A value of 'True' indicates the button is currently pushed down.

The order is as follows: ['ok', 'back', 'show', 'triangle', 'circle', 'square']

  • OK BUTTON (buttons[0]): The circular button in the middle of the navigator.
  • BACK BUTTON (buttons[1]): The button above the OK button, typically with a 'Back' arrow symbol.
  • SHOW BUTTON (buttons[2]): The show button, or "Rethink Button", is above the OK button, next to back button and typically is labeled with the Rethink logo.
  • TRIANGLE BUTTON (buttons[3]): The button below circle button and square button.
  • CIRCLE BUTTON (buttons[4]): The button labeled with a circle, next to the square button.
  • SQUARE BUTTON (buttons[5]): The button labeled with a square, next to the circle button.

Read Wheel Index

  • The wheel field returns an integer between [0-255]. Each physical 'click' of the wheel corresponds to a +/-1 increment. The value will loop when it goes above or below the bounds.