2011 Of 5 September Approving The Revised Text Of The Law On State Ports And

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J) Perform all acts of management, disposal and management of their own heritage reputen accurate, and specifically authorize credit operations and other operations of indebtedness that the Company may agree, within the limits set in the annual Budgets laws.

Fixed material railways, tramways, (including electromechanical) signaling, safety, or traffic control equipment for railways, tramways, roads, inland waterways, service areas or parks, port installations or airfields, parts of mechanical appliances.

21st regular shipping service: which lends itself to a certain type of traffic on a port when the ship or group of ships of the same shipping company or cruise (or a set of ships of various shipping companies with shared operating agreements) connect the port with other determined, carrying the same type and nature of goods or a particular type of passage of transport or cargo unit, and in addition, offer general and advertising potential users, provided under conditions of regularity, with origins, destinations and dates and a preset frequency scales least 24 a year in the corresponding port.

4. The agreements that are seriously harmful to the general interest of the port or for users thereof, which adversely to any shareholder or harm to competition between providers of port services, cargo handling, according to the Port Authority, may be preventively suspended by its Chairman, on his own initiative, member of the Board on behalf of the Port Authority or at the request of a shareholder, must proceed, within a maximum period of 20 days from the adoption of such a measure, challenge the agreement suspended, with the express request of ratification of the precautionary measure.

D) The granting of concessions or authorizations shipping services, except in cases where an Autonomous Community is competent in maritime transport and this time between ports or points of the same, with no connection to ports or other territorial areas.

3. Also during the term of the concession, the holder thereof shall be obliged to facilitate technical or economic information requested by the Port Authority in the exercise of their powers, and to maintain the port public domain works and in good condition facilities and must take, in charge of the repairs that are necessary.

The use of water surface for aquaculture activities through occupation by floating devices such as trays, mussel, floating nurseries or other facilities, also require authorization or grant, as appropriate, earning the fees, in accordance with the provisions of this law.

For the implementation of these new port infrastructure works or expansion on water spaces of existing ports it will not be necessary that such works are covered by the Delimitation of areas and port uses, or the special plan, provided that activities within the service area of ​​the port concerned, are subject included in the corresponding business plan and, where appropriate, in the Infrastructure Master Plan.

The Port Authorities, in accordance with the provisions of this law, awarded a minimum number of fuel supplies facilities within the port public domain, in the terms and according to the criteria established by regulation; such criteria shall take into account, among other circumstances, traffic intensity, aluminios Vigo Alpeba the volume of trade, the area occupied by each port, its strategic location, the distance to other ports, security conditions, the incidence of catering operations fuel in ship traffic and, in general, that may affect the security of supply and the smooth development of traffic and port operations.