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When a fixed installation or authorization granted in concession prevent the use by third parties of a berthing facility, it shall be also incorporated into the concession or authorization. A) Define the objectives of the entire state port system as well as the overall management of the Port Authorities, through the Business Plans to be agreed with these, within the framework set by the Ministry of Public Works.

3. Port Authority agreed with the Public Agency State Ports, within the framework of the agreements of the Business Plan, the corresponding proposed weightings fees ship, passengers and goods in accordance with the limits and criteria established in Article 166 of this law.

Technically State Ports report projects construction of port infrastructure concessionaires presenting unique characteristics from the point of technically or economically, prior to approval by the Port Authority character. Cruise ships, excursion boats, ferry boats, cargo ships, barges and similar vessels for the transport of persons or goods.

1. Are port services delivery activities necessary for the operation of ports aimed at making it possible to perform operations associated with maritime traffic, in safety, efficiency, regularity, continuity and non-discrimination, and are developed in the territory of the Port Authorities.

3. The management fee will be conducted by the Directorate General of Merchant Marine Ministry of Development. D) In ​​the waste collection service from ships, will be the amount collected or the number of services provided. 3.º environmental and safety actions favoring a framework of sustainable development and safe port activity.

For the purposes of granting new concessions or authorizations, these valuations will be valid for five years unless the goods have been the view of the Port Authority, since the last assessment, a significant change in market value. 3. They will be taxable rates, natural or legal persons to whom the relevant services or administrative proceedings.

Shall be liable for all natural or legal persons requesting the provision of services which constitute the taxable event. If disagreement persisted over a period of six Vigo Alpeba aluminios - visit the following website, months, counted from the negative decision of the Port Authority, it shall inform the Council of Ministers is binding upon issuance of the report of the State Ports.

When the Port Authority considers that the application is incompatible with the normal operation of the port, will rise to State Ports who once issued the report, send it to the Minister of Public Works who will decide on the granting of authorization, in the general interest.

3. When the development of an activity or service requires the occupation of goods port public domain, a single file is processed, granting a single administrative title that for the same term activity and occupation of port public domain is authorized.