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C) Improper or inadequate provision of information to the Port Authority, on its own initiative or at the request of the latter. 3. Management fees will be conducted by the Directorate General of Merchant Marine Ministry of Development. The civil liability that may be incurred pilots or port authorities in the management of pilotage may not exceed, in case of loss, the amount of twenty euros per unit of gross tonnage for providing the service, with a maximum of one million euros.

4. The government in the scope of the powers of the State may, where appropriate, the provision of some or all of these sailings is made with imposition of public service obligations in order to ensure the adequacy of regular transport services bound ao origin of the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla or under a special contract in response to the satisfaction of direct or immediate public purpose that those represent.

F) Promoting industrial and commercial activities related to shipping or port traffic. B) The fifth transitory provision of ports under concession. State Ports develop guidelines and procedures for selection of personnel to ensure these principles, including requirements required for the agreement excluded personnel qualification.

A) The management and administration of the Special Register of Ships and Shipping Companies will be done through two management offices, under the Ministry of Public Works, one based in Las Palmas, and another based in santa Cruz de Tenerife, incardinadas in the Maritime Authorities of those provinces.

Reports shall cover the delimitation of new state public domain susceptible secondment on the possible impact of the intended uses in these spaces to the protection of maritime-terrestrial public domain, and the necessary measures to ensure such protection.

A) Represent permanent way to the Port Authority and its Board of Directors in any acts and contracts and against any natural or legal Ventanas a medida Vigo person, whether public or private, in court and out of it, without prejudice to the powers of the Board of Directors own empowerment.

5. The activities included in the cargo handling services must be performed by workers who have the qualifications required by this law. When a modification is substantial, the application shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 2 and Article 85 of this Law.

3. In the event that the number of service providers be restricted or limited by the Port Authority, the holder of a license to provide basic port services go directly to obtaining a license for the provision of port service for effective time remainder to its authorization certificate, which shall not exceed under Article 112, in conjunction with 114 of this Act, except where the case provided for in Article 119.1.c occur), in which case shall the termination of the license.

1. Are port services delivery activities necessary for the operation of ports aimed at making it possible to perform operations associated with maritime traffic, in safety, efficiency, regularity, continuity and non-discrimination, and are developed in the territory of the Port Authorities.

1. The full amount of the fee for entry and stay of ships or floating structures in the berth only in Zone II or outside port waters, except as specifically provided in the following article to ships at anchor, shall be 30 percent projected in the previous article, as appropriate.

Nor they may participate in companies that are directly or indirectly hold a public port concession on which are provided or can be provided port services. And granting licenses to provide port services in the service area of ​​the port. 6. The provisions of this Article shall be without prejudice to the provisions in the sixteenth additional provision regulating the Special Register of Ships and Shipping Companies.

The percentage to apply for paragraph b) shall be determined annually by the Fund Distribution Committee, at the proposal of the State Ports, depending, among others, global financial needs of the Port Authorities and State Ports motivated by different competitive situation in which they find the Port Authorities, on the basis of non-discrimination of treatment between them.