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<span style="font-size:120%;">'''The joint position waypoints example demonstrates basic joint position control. A joint position waypoint is a configuration of the arm in joint space (ie. simultaneous joint angles for all of the arm's seven degrees of freedom). In this example, we enable the robot moving the specified limb in zero-g mode. Interacting with the arm's navigator buttons, we can record a sequence of joint position waypoints. Upon completion of recording, we will continuously command the limb loop through the recorded joint sequence.'''</span>
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Verify that the robot is enabled from an SDK terminal session, ex:

$ rosrun intera_interface robot_enable.py

Start the joint position waypoints example program, you can specify the joint position motion speed ratio -s or joint position accuracy(rad) -a on which we will run the example.

For example, run the example with 0.1 speed ratio and 0.1 accuracy:

$ rosrun intera_examples joint_position_waypoints.py -s 0.1 -a 0.1

Moving the arm in zero-g mode, when we reach a joint position configuration we would like to record, press that navigator wheel.

You will then be prompted with instructions for recording joint position waypoints.

Press Navigator 'OK/Wheel' button to record a new joint joint position waypoint.
Press Navigator 'Rethink' button when finished recording waypoints to begin playback.

Moving the arm in zero-g mode, when we reach a joint position configuration we would like to record, press that navigator wheel.

You will get the feedback that the joint position waypoint has been recorded:

Waypoint Recorded

When done recording waypoints, pressing the navigator's 'Rethink' button will begin playback.

[INFO] [WallTime: 1399571721.540300] Waypoint Playback Started
  Press Ctrl-C to stop...

The program will begin looping through the recorded joint positions. When the previous joint position command is fully achieved (within the accuracy threshold), the next recorded joint position will be commanded.

Waypoint playback loop #1
Waypoint playback loop #2

Pressing Control-C at any time will stop playback and exit the example.


Important Arguments:

-s or --speed : The joint position motion speed ratio [0.0-1.0] (default:= 0.3)

-a or --accuracy : The threshold in Radians at which the current joint position command is considered successful before sending the next following joint position command. (default:= 0.008726646)

See the joint position waypoint's available arguments on the command line by passing joint_position_waypoints.py the -h, help argument:

$ rosrun baxter_examples joint_position_waypoints.py -h
usage: joint_position_waypoints.py [-h] [-s SPEED] [-a ACCURACY]

RSDK Joint Position Waypoints Example

    Records joint positions each time the navigator 'OK/wheel'
    button is pressed.
    Upon pressing the navigator 'Rethink' button, the recorded joint positions
    will begin playing back in a loop.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s SPEED, --speed SPEED
                        joint position motion speed ratio [0.0-1.0] (default:=
  -a ACCURACY, --accuracy ACCURACY
                        joint position accuracy (rad) at which waypoints must