Gripper Example

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Use gripper control as an example of controlling Sawyer's gripper.


Uses the keyboard or joystick to control Sawyer's gripper. Position, velocity, holding, and moving force can be controlled and sensed. Both logitech and xbox game controllers are supported.


The robot should always enabled after start, try the command from an SDK terminal session if the robot is not enabled:

$ rosrun intera_interface

Start gripper control from an RSDK terminal session:

Gripper keyboard example:

$ rosrun intera_examples

IMPORTANT: You will have to calibrate gripper before using any of the other commands using C/c commands:

Once calibrated, future calibrate commands will not do anything unless you send a 'reboot' first


Important Arguments:

-s or --speed : The joint position motion speed ratio [0.0-1.0] (default:= 0.3)

-a or --accuracy : The threshold in Radians at which the current joint position command is considered successful before sending the next following joint position command. (default:= 0.008726646)

See the joint position waypoint's available arguments on the command line by passing the -h, help argument:

$ rosrun baxter_examples -h
usage: [-h] [-s SPEED] [-a ACCURACY]

RSDK Joint Position Waypoints Example

    Records joint positions each time the navigator 'OK/wheel'
    button is pressed.
    Upon pressing the navigator 'Rethink' button, the recorded joint positions
    will begin playing back in a loop.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s SPEED, --speed SPEED
                        joint position motion speed ratio [0.0-1.0] (default:=
  -a ACCURACY, --accuracy ACCURACY
                        joint position accuracy (rad) at which waypoints must