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2. The concessions may be terminated by the Port Authority, without compensation, when they have altered the determinants assumptions of grant involving material or legal impossibility of continuing the enjoyment of the concession and in cases of force majeure, when in both cases, not possible revision of the title of grant.

2. In fulfilling these functions, the State Ports produce an annual report on the implementation of port policy, which will include the management analysis developed in the ports of general interest, and sent to the Ministry of Public Works will raise it to Parliament general.

1. The activities included in the service handling goods shall be performed by workers who have any of the qualifications most representative vocational training or higher level to be determined by order aluminios Vigo of the Ministry of Development, after hearing the trade unions and employers and representative of this sector and after hearing the port authorities and relevant ministries in education and work.

A) proven the existence of any of the aforementioned circumstances, the Director of the Port Authority shall open the corresponding file expiration, may take provisional measures it deems appropriate, which shall be reported to the owner, allowing him a within 10 days to formulate the allegations and accompanying supporting documents and justifications.

In the event that the Port Authority and the concession holder could not reach an agreement on the amount of compensation determined in accordance with the above criteria, if any expenditure incurred on transfer on the payment or the conditions of the revised award, the Port Authority may initiate the process of granting rescue accordance with the provisions of Article 99.

1. Are port services delivery activities necessary for the operation of ports aimed at making it possible to perform operations associated with maritime traffic, in safety, efficiency, regularity, continuity and non-discrimination, and are developed in the territory of the Port Authorities.

Will also be established in the statement that the bid for the concession of public domain, along with the technical and economic documentation to be submitted to it, is present at the same time that the bid for the contract construction and operation of the work or construction and maintenance.