Key Use Tips in Enable Robot

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Robot State
/robot/state (intera_core_msgs/AssemblyState)

  • Subscribe to the Robot State for the enabled and error state of the robot hardware itself. It also includes information on the EStop.
  • The robot must be enabled (enabled: true) in order to move the robot. Use the Enable Robot Script, or the "Enable Robot Topic" below, to enable the robot.
  • It is possible for the robot to have non-fatal errors, so error can be true while enabled is also true.
  • For more complete information on robot state, see E-STOP and Enable Robot

Enable Robot
/robot/set_super_enable (std_msgs/Bool)

  • data: true to Enable robot motors; false to disable.
  • You can check the Robot State Topic to see if the robot enabled properly or if it has an error.

Reset Robot State
/robot/set_super_reset (std_msgs/Empty)

  • Publish an Empty message to reset the state after an error.
  • A reset will clear all pre-existing errors and the state (it will disable).