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Intera 5.1.0 Release

On-Robot Software Changes

  • It is now possible to dual boot between Intera Manufacturing and Intera SDK modes through the FSM!
  • General motion quality improvements in Zero-G mode
  • Improved arm stiffness during enable/disable commands
  • Increased reliability for dynamic URDF updates
  • Updates Sawyer's URDF properties to further increase accuracy in link mass and inertial values
  • Fixes an issue that prevented the robot from starting when there is a camera configuration issue.
    If there is an issue with camera configuration, a message is displayed on the head after the robot boots

SDK Changes


  • Fix error logging in IK and FK scripts
  • Added default SDK head image to the repo for users to display
  • Ensures "reset" command is available only after an e-stop or robot error
  • Fixed issue with logic in gripper initialization and calibration


  • Updates to Inverse Kinematics service to determine if endpoint requested is missing
  • Updates to Forward Kinematics service to determine if requested position is in collision


  • Updated URDF for more accurate masses and inertial values for links
  • Tightened collision shapes in URDF


Intera 5.0.4 Release

Initial Release of Sawyer SDK to Research customers!