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C) Improper or inadequate provision of information to the Port Authority, on its own initiative or at the request of the latter. 3. Management fees will be conducted by the Directorate General of Merchant Marine Ministry of Development. The civil liability that may be incurred pilots or port authorities in the management of pilotage may not exceed, in case of loss, the amount of twenty euros per unit of gross tonnage for providing the service, with a maximum of one million euros.

Transformation of the Boards of Ports and Ports Autonomous and creation of the Maritime Security and Rescue Society. C) Ensuring fair competition between ports, on the basis of efficiency and quality of services at the lowest possible cost, so that the amounts of the fees incorporate cost structure of each Port Authority, avoiding situations unfair competition.

F) Promoting industrial and commercial activities related to shipping or port traffic. B) The fifth transitory provision of ports under concession. State Ports develop guidelines and procedures for selection of personnel to ensure these principles, including requirements required for the agreement excluded personnel qualification.

In the event that such concession or license is transferred, the purchaser shall also be entitled to leave the service, provided it meets the conditions required for it in the Special Provisions. Article 53. Strategic Plan of the Port Authority. The Board of Directors shall, in general, cases of assignment, the same conditions and maximum rates to receive under the provisions of this law by the holders of concessions or authorizations, depending on the characteristics port facilities.

Also include the necessary spaces for the organs of public authorities to exercise powers of surveillance, public safety, inspection, checking entrances and exits of people and goods of national identification territory and others for their relationship direct to port activity, must necessarily take place in the port in accordance with Article 72.2 of this law.

3. Approval or modification of an Infrastructure Plan will determine the substantial modification of the Delimitation of spaces and Carpinteria Aluminio Vigo port uses in order to incorporate within it, where appropriate, land or water spaces needed for implementation or development.

A proposal by the Board of Directors of the Port Authority, in the corresponding business plan it should you fix reasoned bonuses applicable to each of the types of freight terminals according to the economic situation that is the port in relation to the conditions of international competition and associated with the goods being handled in the same markets.

D) Where the holder of the concession or authorization to be a public corporation whose business is directly linked to port activities: the amount of this bonus is 50 percent of the corresponding fee at the rate associated with terrestrial spaces, water and works and installations exclusively to the corporate purpose, to which effect must be included in the title of granting a plane in which the surface, works and installations dedicated to this purpose is determined.

E) Where the holder of the concession is a nautical sports club or other non-profit, provided that at least 80 percent of the berths are intended for vessels less than twelve meters in length: the amount of this bonus will be 30 percent of the amount of the fee associated with terrestrial space fee, water and works and installations intended exclusively for the realization of nautical activities, for which should be included in the title of granting a plane in which determine the surface, works and facilities dedicated to that purpose.

This bonus is incompatible with that may be established for the same type of traffic under the provisions of paragraph 3 of this Article. E) Failure to comply with the instructions of the Maritime Authorities in the scope of its powers, on maneuvers and navigation of ships in ports, you roadsteads or other non-maritime port waters.

Nor they may participate in companies that are directly or indirectly hold a public port concession on which are provided or can be provided port services. And granting licenses to provide port services in the service area of ​​the port. 6. The provisions of this Article shall be without prejudice to the provisions in the sixteenth additional provision regulating the Special Register of Ships and Shipping Companies.

1. The taxable event of this rate is the use by ships or fishing vessels in activity, the waters of the service area of ​​the port and works and port facilities, which allow maritime access to berth or anchorage that them has been assigned and stay in them.