Software Update

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The procedure below describes the process required to update the software on a robot that is currently running in SDK mode. Note: The instructions below are only related to the Sawyer robot.


  • USB Keyboard
  • FAT 32 Formatted USB with Intera Updater Saved at the Top Level
  • Sawyer Robot Running SDK


  1. Boot Into the Field Service Menu (FSM)
    1. Connect a USB keyboard into the robot controller.
    2. Shut down the robot by pressing the power button on the controller. After the robot has completely powered down (fan stopped, screen back light is off), wait for 5 seconds and press the power button again to reboot the robot.
    3. On the keyboard, start pressing CTRL+F continuously until the FSM menu appears on the robot screen.
    4. Tip: Look for the screen below when rebooting. When the text Preparing to boot Intera… appears on the upper left of the screen, pressing CTRL+F' will bring you right into the FSM.


  2. Reboot Into Intera After Entering Password