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22 yrs old
Skäggolja/Balm earlier than or after blow drying? Skäggolja/Balm earlier than or after blow drying? For these of you who blow dry your beards, do you guys rub in Skäggolja/balm earlier than you brush your hair down and blow dry or after? And why do you select to do it that means? I’ve always achieved it earlier than however I’m still having some difficulty with frizzy hairs sticking out. I have a very coarse beard that’s 2 inches lengthy so I’m attempting to determine the very best technique to tame it right into a form that’ll last all through the day. I do it after. The blow dry straightens it, and the balm holds it. Apply oil, enable no less than 5 min for it to absorb. Blow dry, apply balm for style and form after. I won't argue on your very personnal routine. But blow drying regularly might be very harsh for your hairs and skin, even in the best conditions. So that's why you apply oil or spray before blow drying. For the healthy facet of your hairs, this can protect them from the heat and damages brought on by this apply. You won't solely hydrate your skin/beard throughout the process, but additionally, you will keep this treasured pure oils you're preventing to maintain and to improve. After. The heat from the dryer opens your pores and hairs to accept the oil higher.

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