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User Forum Posting Guidelines

Welcome to the Rethink Robotics Forum! We hope you’ll find the discussions and posts useful. The following guidelines are designed to keep the forum productive and civil, please read through and keep them in mind when posting.

Be Respectful

Everyone is participating on these forums to provide guidance, advice and have interesting conversations, benefiting the community. Respect members and their posts, including the personal privacy and information; users should not post any personal information about third parties without having obtained first their express consent. Try and be positive and helpful, offering constructive criticism but don’t be harsh/mean. Community forums operate best when participants treat fellow posters with respect and courtesy.

Please Do Not Post Spam

Unsolicited Advertising or Links to Executable Files- Posts that contain overtly promotional linking, link to non-relevant sites, or repeated posts to the same content will be removed and the poster may be banned. Posts that link to executable files will be removed by moderators to protect users from potentially malicious downloads. You can post links to a webpage that contains the file download but it may also be removed if a Moderator finds that the web page content could be harmful or if the web page link is spam. Attachments - Are limited to 10 MB per post. Please do not post copyright-infringing material, offensive links or images.

No Profanity

None will be tolerated and posts using profanity are subject to moderation and/or removal.

Reporting of Posts to Moderators

Should you wish to report a post to a moderator this can be done through the functionality on the topic thread or by messaging the administrator referencing the offending post. Please contact bbenoit@rethinkrobotics.com with any concerns or posts you may have.

All messages expressed are that of the individual/poster and not those of Rethink Robotics. The forum moderators reserve the right to edit, delete, move or close a thread for any reason.

User Profiles

No Unregistered Users

We do not allow unregistered users to comment on our forums. You can join as a "Guest" to view, but you can only post if you register as a "Member".

Rude and offensive User Names - Please choose acceptable user names. Rude or provocative names lower the tone of the forum and put off first time visitors from posting.

Commercial User Names

(eg. including the name of your company in your User Name) are not recommended but if selected should not be disparaging to your institution and your conduct should not fall foul of your company’s policies.

Impersonating Other Users

Anyone found trying to impersonate another user will be banned. If someone is impersonating you then please contact the administrator (bbenoit@rethinkrobotics.com).

Post Under Your Own Name

We regard everything that gets posted under a personal profile as having been posted by that person. Hence please avoid sharing profiles to avoid potential confusion or something not representative of your views being posted under your name.

Second profiles

It is not necessary to create a second profile to log in from a different computer or location, you can easily do it on the same profile. Please do not create second profiles in order to self-promote, or as an attempt to be anonymous in order to cause disruption.

All Rethink staff will be identified through the user Tag “Rethink Employee”.

Rethink Moderators

Rethink moderators will look to make suggestions and keep the discussions moving, sign posting users to useful information and answering question. We aim to avoid overt moderation but will also look to ensure people remain within the guidelines detailed below. People who post inappropriate content and content outside of the usage guideline will have their posts removed by the Forum Moderators and users who persistently offend will be banned from using the forums. If we feel that a certain individual, or group of individuals, is persistently breaking the etiquette and appropriate use of the forum we have the right to ban them, deactivating their account even if their actions doesn't contravene one of the guidelines below. This will enable us to spend more time supporting the users that do use the forums appropriately.

Posts about the moderating - If you feel your message has been unreasonably deleted, or if you wish to complain about a post that you find inappropriate, inaccurate or offensive, then please get in touch with the forum administrator (imcmahon@rethinkrobotics.com).

Although the moderators and administrators of these forums will attempt to keep all objectionable material off the forum and respond to all issues promptly, this is not always possible with the global nature and time zones we look to operate across.