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Baxter is a humanoid, anthropomorphic robot sporting two seven degree-of-freedom arms and state-of-the-art sensing technologies, including force, position, and torque sensing and control at every joint, cameras in support of computer vision applications, integrated user input and output elements such as a head-mounted display, buttons, knobs and more. There are 2 versions of Baxter, Baxter for Manufacturing and the Baxter Research Robot. If you are looking for info about using the Baxter Research Robot, you're in the right place! If your looking for Baxter for Manufacturing, try here.


  • The Baxter Manufacturing Robot is delivered pre-installed with our Intera software, allowing Baxter to work seamlessly in manufacturing settings. The datasheet for the Baxter Manufacturing Robot can be found here.
Please Note: While the hardware platform for this robot and the Baxter Research robot are similar, parts of the datasheet refer to the standard manufacturing software running on Baxter and do not apply to the Baxter Research Robot.
  • The Baxter Research Robot installed with the SDK (SDK) allows researchers of all backgrounds to develop custom software for Baxter.



Overview of the Baxter Research Robot Software Developers Kit (SDK)