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This tutorial describes the physical setup of a Baxter Research Robot and any purchased accessories.

Required Hardware

  • Baxter Research Robot
  • Pallet jack
  • 1/2-in wrench
  • 17-mm wrench
  • 27-mm wrench (pedestal only)
  • Flat-head screwdriver

Optional Hardware

  • Electric Parallel Gripper Kit (EPG)
  • Vacuum Gripper Kit (VG)
  • Mobile pedestal
  • #3-Metric Allen (hex) wrench for gripper installation (provided)
  • Hoist/lift (with chain) capable of lifting 165 lb

Step 1: Confirm Hardware

Please confirm all parts ordered are include in the shipment, and all packaging is intact.

Step 2: Choose Appropriate Workspace

It is important to choose an appropriate location for Baxter to reside where he can fully stretch his arms without collision.

Please see Baxter's reachable workspace documentation: Baxter's workspace guidelines for help choosing a location.

Step 3: Unpack Contents

Move the boxes by pallet jack into the workspace area, and unpack there; or if you purchased a pedestal, and the path from the receiving dock to the Baxter workspace is flat (no thresholds, etc.), you may prefer to unpack Baxter at the shipping dock, mount it onto the pedestal, and roll it to the work location.

Note: The pedestal weighs 134 lb, and Baxter weighs 165 lb. Follow proper lift guidelines and restrictions for these weights.

Retain all packing material for any future service needs.

Step 4: Pedestal Setup

(Optional) Applicable if using the standard Baxter pedestal.

Please follow the pedestal installation guide which provides instructions for unpacking, choosing a pedestal height, and assembly.

Step 5: Mounting Baxter

Pedestal: If mounting Baxter on a pedestal, please follow the mounting Baxter on a pedestal instructions

Alternative Surface: If mounting Baxter on another surface, please follow the mounting Baxter on an alternative surface

Step 6: Unpack/Install Grippers

Unpack gripper boxes (if using) and follow the provided instructions to physically and electrically mount grippers to the tool plate on Baxter.

Electric Parallel Grippers: Electric Gripper Installation

Vacuum (Suction) Grippers: Vacuum Gripper Installation

Step 7: Connect E-Stop/Power

Connect panel bare.png

Plug E-Stop into connector on robot waist (I/O Port). Use flat head screwdriver to fasten.

Important: E-Stop MUST be plugged into robot for robot to work.

Plug Baxter into 120V outlet.

Manage cords using cable channel and snap cable cover in place.

Step 8: Power On

Congratulations! You have now set up your Baxter Research Robot Hardware.

Please power on the robot by pressing the power button on Baxter's back panel. You'll know that Baxter is fully booted when you see the green "halo" lights on Baxter's head and the Baxter Research Robot Logo and Text on the screen:


Note: At this point Baxter's arms will be in a 'tucked' position. We will show you how to untuck them safely later on in the setup process. You will not be able to command the arms until they are untucked.


Next Step

Workstation Setup