Calibration and/or Tare is failing

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Calibration and/or Tare is failing

If you are running into a situation where your calibration or tare routines are failing, you're not alone. This sections will give you a couple suggestions on calibrating your arms successfully.

1 - First Step

Make sure that the grippers are removed from the arms, there are not other external devices attached to the arm (like a camera or light), and that there is no obstruction that the arm may come in contact with. These will all result in a failed calibration.

2 - Robot is level?

After checking step number one, make sure the robot is level. There is a bubble level on the back of the pedestal base, located near the serial number. Adjust the leveling feet of the pedestal to level the robot and try to re-run the calibration.

3 - Try try again.

Sometimes, all it takes is running the calibration a couple more times after a failure. Try rebooting the robot and running the failing calibration again. If that does not result in a passed calibration, pull the export logs from Baxter and contact Rethink Support.