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Learning: Foundations, Advanced Understanding, Projects and Tools (Do More), Configuration and Admin

This page will introduce you to all things 'Baxter Admin', from network configuration, to maintenance routines, to software upgrades.

Robot Configuration

Software Updates

Maintenance/Debug Tools

Admin Resources

System Info

First Steps

Quick Start
If you are a new user of Baxter and the SDK, we highly recommend running through the Hello, Baxter! Tutorial - which will get you and your Baxter moving in no time. It is also a great confirmation that your Workstation and Environment are configured properly and that you are ready to go.

SDK Overview

Before you get too far, you might be interested in getting a more conceptual introduction to the SDK, check out the High-Level Overview of the SDK. This guide will give a brief summary of what the SDK is and the various parts of the system that make up the RSDK.

SDK Examples

Because it's always more fun to get your hands dirty, the SDK Example Programs are designed to demonstrate using the various interfaces and features of Baxter. These example programs are often more complex and by following the Usage Guide on an Example Page, you can try out some of Baxter's functionality. Each example also has a corresponding Code Walkthrough that will take you through the program and explain how we use the interfaces.