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Learning: Foundations, Advanced Understanding, Projects and Tools (Do More), Configuration and Admin

This page will introduce you to all things 'Baxter Admin', from hardware setup, to network configuration, to maintenance routines, to software upgrades.

Robot Configuration

This section describes the necessary robot configuration as maintained by a robot admin.

Hardware Installation/Setup

The Baxter Hardware Installation is largely described in the Baxter Hardware Setup Guide.

Robot Workspace/Reachability Guidelines

Pedestal Installation Guide

Baxter Pedestal Mounting Guide

Baxter Alternative Surface Mounting Guide

Electric Gripper Installation Guide

Vacuum (Suction) Gripper Installation Guide

Powering Baxter Down

Robot Network Configuration

Configuring Baxter's networking is a fundamental responsibility of the administrator. A number of resources are provided which should ease this process immensely.

The Field Service Menu (FSM), accessing the system display screen (TTY3) to view network properties, and leveraging SSH access to the robot will prove to be the most useful resources for this portion of the robot setup.

General Networking Guide

Field Service Menu (FSM) Guide

Network Info Display (TTY3)

Robot Hostname

Time and NTP (Robot Time) Configuration Guide

Software Updates

Regular software updates are provided to all Baxter Research Robot customers. Updates will be announced here on the wiki, through emails to the POCs (Point of Contacts) for each robot, and by announcement on the forum.

Latest Available/Recommended Software: SDK 1.1.0

Version Tools

List of Releases

Software Version Check/Validation Guide

Baxter Software Update Instructions

Baxter Robot Software Update Guide

Baxter Gripper Software Update Guide

Software Update Troubleshooting Guide

Available Software Versions

Software Update v1.1.0 (Recommended)

Software Update v1.0.0

Software Update v0.7.0

Software Update v0.6.2

Software Update v0.6.1

Maintenance/Debug Tools

This section describes standard maintenance routines for Baxter as well as tools for further debugging if something were to go wrong.

Arm Calibration and Tare Guide

Access Robot FTP Log Files Guide

Robot Core Dump Manager

Admin Resources

This section contains links to non-public resources

SDK Shared Resources Folder (Rethink FTP)

System Info

This section describes general informaton that describes your hardware/software.

Robot Serial Number

Robot Software Versions