Electric Gripper Installation

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This page describes installation of the Linear Electric Grippers.

Required Hardware

  • 3mm Allen (Hex) Wrench

Installation File

PDF: Baxter Linear Electric Gripper Guide

Step 1: Mount Gripper

This step describes proper attachment of the linear electric gripper.

Electric gripper attach.png

A: Hook Parallel Gripper onto two posts on hand

B: Open Door

C: Fasten Gripper with 3mm Hex and Screws

Important Note: Both screws must be tightened before inserting plug into receptacle.

D: Fully Insert Plug and Close Door

Important Note: When removing Gripper, disconnect plug first, then unscrew Gripper from hand.

Step 2: Choose Fingers

Choosing fingers and fingertips will be object dependent. Please use the below dimensions to guide your finger decision.

Electric fingers.png

Electric finger chart.png

Step 3: Attach Fingers

Electric fingers attach.png

A: Align Fingers

Align nubs are provided on each finger to align with numbered position on gripper.

Alignment nubs face toward outside of gripper.

B: Secure with 3mm Hex and Screws

Step 4: Attach Limiters (Optional)

Limiters can help to stabilize object during grasp

Electric gripper limiters.png

Align and slide limiters onto fingers at desired height, tighten screws.

Note: Limiters can be mounted on either side for inside or outside grasp.

Step 5: Attach Fingertips

Electric fingertips.png

A: Select Desired Fingertips

Consider an object’s shape and surface finish when choosing a finger tip.

• Plastic: For pliable surfaces

• Silicone: For smooth, rigid or untextured surfaces

• Silicone sheet may be cut and adhered to finger tips to increase grip

B: Slide on Fingertips

Note: Reversible

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