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Robot Components : Robot, Arms, Grippers, Cameras, Head, I/O, Screen

Using the Head

Hardware Overview

The Baxter Robot head display is a 1024 x 600 SVGA LCD screen capable of panning 180° and also nodding to acknowledge user input.

Baxter's head has a pan joint and a single "Nod" action for movement. There is one camera, one red LED ring, one green LED ring, and 12 individual yellow LEDs along with 12 sonar transducers.

You can control the lights on the head and the sonar transducers themselves. In quiet rooms the sound of the sonar sensors can be quite audible and it is useful to disable the transducers. See the Sonar Control page for information on turning off the sonars.



See the API Reference Page for information on the ROS Interface to the Head.

Python API (baxter_interface)

Head interface class (



  • rviz (ROS)
    • Using the Robot Model Display Type in rviz, you can see the current angle of the head, though the nodding will not update as the tilt angle is not readable.

See Also

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