How to Clean the Foam

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This tutorial describes how to clean the foam air filters

Check the air filters at least every six months, and replace them as necessary. Baxter has two air filters, one on each side of the torso. Doing this will minimize the debris going inside the torso and also keep the internal temperature within the acceptable temperature range.


  • Use a 2.5 mm hex key to remove the two screws from the air filter


  • Hold onto the top of the air filter and pull it away from Baxter


  • Use an air blow gun to remove debris from the foam
  • An alternative method would be to use a shop vac to suck all the dust out of the foam


  • Insert the bottom of the air filter, then line up the top
  • Use a 2.5 mm hex key to install the two screws

NOTE: Depending on vintage, a 2mm hex key would be used instead of a 2.5 mm hex key