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This page describes mounting Baxter on the standard pedestal.


Baxter weighs 165 lbs (75 kg)

Please use proper precautions when moving Baxter.

A Hoist lift rated for at least 250 lbs. is suggested for such lifting.

Required Hardware

  • 4 Hex Head Cap Screws (enclosed)
  • 2 Carabiner Hooks (enclosed)
  • 17mm Wrench
  • 1/2˝ Wrench
  • Tape Measure
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Hoist/lift rated for at least 250 lbs.

Installation File

PDF: Baxter Mounting Guide

Step 1: Remove Packaging

Remove outer plastic bag, and foam around head and shoulders.

Leave stretch wrap around arms and arm supports in place until robot is mounted securely.

Mounting 1.png

Step 2: Attach Carabiners

Attach the 2 enclosed carabiners hooks to shoulder bolts on the robot, marked with blue tabs.

Remove blue tabs after use.

Step 3: Secure to Lift

Attach chain hooks from lift to carabiners and secure other ends to lift.

Step 4: Detach Baxter from Crate

Using 1/2” wrench, remove 4 bolts and washers from crate at robot base.

Throw away bolts with packaging.

Step 5: Lift and Place Baxter

Using black metal handles to guide robot, lift robot to pedestal.

Align robot base to bolt holes.

Note: It is normal for the robot to tilt forward while hanging on a lift.

Mounting 2.png

Step 6: Secure Baxter to Pedestal

Insert 4 enclosed Hex Head Cap Screws into 4 holes at base of robot.

Tighten screws finger tight until flush.

Using 17mm wrench, TIGHTEN A HALF TURN MORE.

Step 7: Release Baxter

Once robot is secured, release chain hooks from carabiners. Remove carabiners from shoulder bolts, and save in “Start Here” box.

Remove stretch wrap and arm supports.

Step 8: Level Baxter

It is important for Baxter to work in a level environment.

Use the pedestal's four available leveling feet to level Baxter. Please use the built-in round level (near electrical/network connectors) for verification.

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