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Baxter Research Robot SDK 0.7.0 is our first major upgrade to the SDK. In addition to velocity and position, researchers can now control joint torques, allowing for complete joint control. We are also supporting joint level Gazebo control, allowing users to simulate basic arm movements in Baxter. With v0.7.0 Baxter Research Robot SDK is now publicly available, allowing for a true open source experience.


SDK 0.7.0 Update Instructions

GitHub 0.7.0 Software Update page

Previous Release: Release - v0.6.2

SDK 0.7.0 Release Notes

- New Feature Documentation for 0.7.0

Major Updates

  • Now publicly available!
  • Joint torque control
  • Gazebo Support
  • Joint position accuracy improvements (factor of 10)
  • ROS Groovy on robot
  • ROS Topic/Message cleanup allowing for direct robot communication (no '/sdk' proxy, decreased latency)
  • Catkinization of SDK
  • SDK reorganization into standalone metapackages, multiple repositories
  • Ability to set speeds of joint position command execution
  • Ability to specify gripper/object mass for custom grippers