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Baxter Research Robot SDK 1.0.0 is our first non-beta release! It allows researchers to SSH into Baxter, so you can now run your own code on robot. It also contains upgrades to the Baxter Gazebo simulator, delivering a fully interface compatible simulator experience for the Baxter SDK. The new Demo Mode feature allows the SDKs most popular examples to run on robot, without the need to connect through the development workstation.


SDK 1.0.0 Update Instructions

GitHub 1.0.0 Software Update page

Previous Release: Release - v0.7.0

SDK 1.0.0 Release Notes

Major Updates

  • SSH access to the robot! Compile and run custom software on the robot
  • New user editable wiki (
  • New 'raw' joint position control mode, command joint positions directly to JCBs
  • Dynamic URDF loading of robot internal model to the parameter server
  • Inverse kinematics service seeding ability
  • Bootable demo mode
  • Joint trajectory action server spline fitting, more accurate trajectory execution
  • Full interface compatible Gazebo support
  • Rosbridge
  • Debian installation availability
  • New joint position waypoints example program
  • Advanced network configuration options
  • Custom gripper state/property publication, ability to emulate Rethink grippers