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Baxter Research Robot SDK 1.1.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 5/15/2015


Baxter Research Robot SDK 1.1.1 is focused mainly adding fixes to further stabilize the SDK (both on robot and on the development workstation) with ROS Indigo. ROS Indigo was released by OSRF in July of 2014, and is the first Long Term Support release for the platform.

Important Note: It should be noted that ROS Indigo requires an upgrade to your workstation - to Ubuntu 14.04. If you do not plan to use Ubuntu 14.04 your workstation, do not install SDK 1.1.1!

Update Instructions

Software Updates



  • Added torso navigators to control the UI



GitHub Repositories


  • Added use of mktemp in for Arch linux compatibility


  • Fixed a bug that caused the JTAS to error with an path of one or two points is supplied as a trajectory


  • Added a calculation to increase the amount of time allowed to move arm to the initial pose of joint_trajectory_playback
  • Fixed an issue in syncing gripper playback with joint_trajectory_playback arm execution
  • Fixed a timing issue preventing joint_trajectory_playback from completing execution

On-Robot Rethink Software

  • Fixed an issue where the /cameras/list service returned only one camera if another camera was broken (or unplugged)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the IK service to be too conservative in estimating if solutions were feasible that resulted in an increase in No Solutions
  • Reduced overall robot restart/shutdown time
  • Added access to cmake, git, and wstool tools for the ruser account

On-Robot ROS libraries

  • Patched ros_comm Transport Memory leak
  • Upgraded OpenCV to 2.4.9 and recompiled with several plugins enabled (including gtk).
This fixes an issue that prevented running rosrun baxter_examples -f baxterworking.png on the ruser account
from displaying any image on Baxter's screen
  • Fixed an issue that prevented ROSBridge from loading and communicating properly on-robot