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Baxter Research Robot SDK 1.2.0 adds a number of improvements for increasing the functionality in the Gazebo simulator. There are 3 major improvements to speak of: Easy implementation of the standard Baxter Electric Gripper (including visualization of all fingertips included in the kit). Basic functionality for manipulation - you can now pick and place objects in simulation. Finally, because of these improvements, we are opening the simulator to all - it will no longer be protected behind a password. This will make is easy to include Baxter in Robotics Education, as any student with an Ubuntu workstation can work with a simulated Baxter.


SDK 1.2.0 Update Instructions

GitHub 1.2.0 Software Update page

Previous Release: Release - v1.1.1

SDK 1.2.0 Release Notes

Major Updates

  • Visualization of Rethink Electric Grippers in Gazebo and MoveIt!
  • Pick and Place Demo in Gazebo that allows a user to manipulate objects in simulation.
  • Remove password protection for Gazebo use - now part of the standard open source SDK
  • Disc partition allowing for factory resets in the field (contact support if you need to use this)

Important Note

Users are instructed to backup data in the ruser's home directory to an external machine prior to upgrading from 1.1.x to 1.2.0. This is due to an update in this release which allows Rethink to factory reset the robots during service.