Software Update - Troubleshooting

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Possible Issues

1. My screen has gone all fuzzy! Help!

  • Problem: After trying to do an update on a robot currently installed with rsdk-0.6.0, the screen comes up covered in a jumbled cross-hatch of lines.
  • Solution: Don't Panic. When updating from version 0.6.0, you need to run the Update Primer first, as described on the Software Update page. Just reboot the robot and try again, this time following the instructions to run the 0.6.0_p1 Update Primer first; then, run the update for your desired new version.

2. I tried to list the updates on the USB stick, and it said "No available updates".

  • Problem 1: When you run -l it will only look at USB drives that are "newly" inserted since the robot booted up. In other words, if you boot the robot with a USB stick already inserted, the robot won't be able to see it.
    • Solution 1: Just unplug the USB stick, wait a second, and plug it back in. After a few seconds, you should be able to run $ rosrun tools -l and see your update files.
  • Problem 2: When you run -l it will only list valid updates for which all necessary files are on the USB stick and in the top-level directory.
    • Solution 1: Make sure you have copied all the files that came with the update on to the root of the USB drive. This includes the update file itself (on the order of ~300MB), and the configuration and gpg files (<1KB).

3. Where do I plug in the USB stick?

  • The USB stick, with your update files put on it, should be plugged into Baxter directly, using the USB port at the back of Baxter's waist.

4. Where do I get the update files?

  • When Rethink Robotics releases a new software update for the robot, we will send out an announcement, along with sharing a new FTP folder for the version on the Rethink Robotics FTP Service. All the update files will be in this new folder for you to download to a USB stick. You should also receive a notice for the FTP folder at the email of your organization's P.O.C. (Point of Contact).

5. There are a bunch of files in the update folder. Which ones do I need?

  • You will need to put all the files in the folder on to your USB stick in order for the update to be properly recognized and authenticated.