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The latest version of the SDK is v1.2.0.

Robot Software Version

NOTE: If asked what "version" you're running, this is probably the one we mean. It is convenient to report the software version running on the robot when reporting a ticket.

1. cd to the sdk examples directory on the development workstation

    $ cd ~/ros_ws

2. Run

    $ ./

3. Run rosparm to get the software version

    $ rosparam get /rethink/software_version

In this case, the version would be "v1.2.0". (The 57 is the number of builds prior to this release).

Workstation SDK Software Version

You should make sure your Developer Workstation is installed with and running a compatible version of the SDK software from the github repository. The version number corresponds to the git 'tag' you checked out.

There are two ways to check this:

1. Look at version listed at the top of the file in the ~/ros_ws/src/baxter directory.

2. Look for the "closest" tag in your git checkout:

    $ cd ~/ros_ws/src
    $ cd baxter
    # OR 'cd baxter_common' OR 'baxter_examples' OR 'baxter_inteface' OR 'baxter_tools'
    $ git describe

In this case, the version would be "v0.7.0".

Gripper Firmware Version

The Electric Grippers need to be on the same version as the Robot Software. If attached during a Robot Software Update, the Gripper Firmware will be updated automatically as part of the process. Otherwise, you can always update or check the firmware version through the FSM Tests in the Field Service Menu (FSM).

You can also check the version of your grippers from the command line on your workstation.

  • From an RSDK Shell run (for left_gripper and right_gripper):
        $ rostopic echo /robot/end_effector/left_gripper/properties
    Example response:
        id: 65538
        ui_type: 2
        manufacturer: Rethink Robotics, Inc.
        product: Electric Parallel Gripper
        serial_number: 4166823565
        firmware_rev: 0.7.0 4.0
        firmware_date: 2013/11/20 13:16:00
        controls_grip: True
        senses_grip: True
        reverses_grip: True
        controls_force: True
        senses_force: True
        controls_position: True
        senses_position: True
        properties: ''
  • Look for the value in the firmware_rev field. For this example we see the firmware version is 0.7.0.
        firmware_rev: 0.7.0 4.0
    If this number does not match your Robot Software version (higher or lower), it is very important you update the Gripper Firmware in the Field Service Menu (FSM) right away. Mismatched firmware can cause gripper jamming and errors.

Updating Gripper Firmware

There is a simple utility built into the FSM. Simply reboot into the FSM, select Tests from the main menu, and then select the Update_End_Effector_firmware option from the Tests menu.


Other Versions

There are a couple other versions of mention for your Development Workstation Setup. You will want to make sure that these system or software versions meet the Recommended System Requirements.