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User Forum

The Baxter Research Robot Community Forum, hosted by Google Groups, is a great place to communicate with the Rethink Robotics Support team, as well as other Baxter Researchers. Post your question, and you'll get an answer, either from other community members, or the folks here at Rethink.

User Forum

Video Tutorials

When first getting started with Baxter, we found if valuable to take a look at the video tutorials linked below. They run through getting your development workstation set up, and networking it to Baxter. There are also a number of walk-throughs for running the SDK example programs.

Video Tutorials

Rethink Robotics FTP

The FTP site contains useful Baxter resources, like 3D models, CAD files, gripper PDF drawings, as well as all of our robot's software update files. If you do not have access to the Rethink FTP, please email to be given access.

FTP site


Rethink Robotics is located in Boston, Massachusetts, inside a renovated 100 year old mill in the vibrant "Innovation District". If you're ever in the area, drop us a note, we'd love to show you around!


Rethink Robotics, Inc

27 Wormwood Street

Boston, MA 02210

tel: 866-704-7400