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$ bashing

Multi-column list:

  • apple
  • carpet
  • geography
  • mountain
  • nowhere
  • postage
  • ragged
  • toast


Limit Table of contents by surrounding TOC element with an element of class "toclimit-<limit>" (level <limit> will not display). i.e:

<div class="toclimit-3">__TOC__</div>

(This was enabled by added styles in MediaWiki:Common.css)




If you're working on a longer page, it can be really useful to use a normal text editor program rather than just using the text box in the webpage, (i.e. for features like: undo/redo after preview, Find/Replace, etc.).

  • 'It's All Text' - Firefox plugin that opens your text editor (e.g. notepad++, vim) on your system when you click a text box, and then updates the text box everytime you save in the external editor.

Text Editors / Syntax Highlighting:

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