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BaxUI long.png


A simple intro into GUI creation with Python and OpenCV


So I wrote a little framework for baxter that allows us to quickly create GUI's

A much fuller write-up can be found here: Project Write-up

First and foremost a little video for you all. I know you all like these so here we go:


Install Guide

Check out the project into your ROS workspace

    $ cd ~/ros_ws/src
    $ git clone
    $ cd BaxUI

You can setup a sample project using the simple python commands below:

    import BaxUI_S
    mainmenu = [["Hello",""],["World",""],["how",""],["are",""],["you?",""]]

or you can run the included sample file:


Disclaimer / Licence

This software was never really intended for public use. It works, and i have had no problems with it, but it is quite memory intensive, and not "clean code". Use at your own risk! Oh, and its licensed GPL v2

Other (more permissive) licensing is available, please contact me for more information