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Baxter Research Robot SDK 0.6.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 7/12/2013


Baxter Research Robot SDK 0.6.1 delivers key upgrades to the SDK experience. The new joint trajectory playback example allows users to quickly record and playback arm movements on Baxter. The tuck/untuck arm routine allows for easy transport and movement of Baxter to different locations.

Update Instructions

Software Updates


  • Added tuck/untuck arms routine.
  • Added ability to enable/disable sonar sensors.
  • Added ability to flip/mirror cameras.
  • Added joint trajectory playback example.
  • Added generic PID controller.




  • New joint trajectory action server implementation in support of MoveIt! and Arm Navigation. Action client now configurable via dynamic_reconfigure. PID controller to track commanded joint trajectory honoring positions/times commanded.
  • Updated Baxter interface API to only support 'full' joint naming (i.e. the joint names specified in the URDF). This is a reflection of the upcoming removal of redundant /robot/limb//joint_states in favor of /robot/joint_states. All examples now reflect this standard usage in elimination of 'short' naming (i.e. elimination of 's1' in favor of 'left_s1').
  • Updated URDF. More accurate collision geometries, inertial descriptions, joint damping.
  • URDF moved into baxter_description/urdf/.
  • Joint trajectory test example updated with more exaggerated motion.


  • Smoke test hostname is now abiguous to ROS distributions.
  • Head camera now flipped/mirrored by default resulting in 'upright' image orientation.
  • Head pan tolerance now matches deadband for the joint controller. * * Eliminates timeout for sub-deadband commands.
  • Tuned state publish rates to 100Hz in all velocity examples.

Known Issues

  • Calibration and Tare scripts will not run if there is a joint error related to the head. Joint errors can be found in the robot monitor.

  • The ROS_HOSTNAME is always set to ".local", which needs to be resolvable by a client machine (avahi, /etc/hosts or DNS server configuration)