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This tutorial describes Github setup/configuration allowing for access to the private Rethink SDK repositories

Step 1: Submit Github Credentials

In order to access private Rethink SDK repositories, access must be granted to your account. This available to current Baxter Research Robot customers.

If you do not already have a Github account please create one at

Please email Research SDK support at with your github username, PO/order number, and serial number of your robot. We will get back to you shortly with full access to the Wiki, which will explain how to set up the Research SDK with your Baxter.

Step 2: Configure Necessary Git Settings

Your local git configuration will be compared to and validated with your Github credentials.

Verify git installation:

$ sudo apt-get install git-core

Set up your git credentials on the development workstation as follows.

# Export Git global username
$ git config --global "<FirstName LastName>"

# Export Git global email
$ git config --global <></code>

Step 3: Generate SSH Keys and Upload to Github

This step has been well documented by Github. We highly recommend following the Github SSH Key Generation and Upload Instructions

The Gist:

  • Github will need your SSH public* (.pub) key.
  • Navigate to your ~/.ssh directory and copy the full contents of the file to the clipboard.
    • If there is no file in this folder, run: $ ssh-keygen -t dsa to create one.
    • Simply hit enter when prompted without typing anything to create the files in the correct location.
  • Now go to and log in with the Github account you will use with Rethink Software.
  • Go to Account settings (2nd icon right of your account name, on the top navigation bar of
  • Navigate to the left panel, and click "SSH Keys".
  • Now click the "Add SSH key" button in the upper right of the SSH Keys page.
  • Enter a name for the key and paste the contents of your clipboard into the "Key" section, then save the key.